Why should I become an Au Pair in Australia?

Australia is a dream destination for many people who are interested in beautiful beaches, young cities, and amazing landscapes. Discover why becoming an Au Pair in Australia is a good idea!

Traveling to Australia, whether for work or on vacation, is one of the things you should do once in your life.

It is the biggest country in Oceania and the sixth-largest country in the world. Moreover, its history and architecture are really unique.

Being located halfway around the world, it may be a very difficult trip to undertake, and in particular to afford. That’s why the Au Pair program is the best option for young girls and boys who dream to visit and live in this country for a period of time. 

You should become an Au Pair in Australia if you…

  • Enjoy being around kids
  • Wish to take a gap year 
  • Want to travel and discover new places
  • Are between 18 and 30 years old
  • Are entitled to a visa to Australia

The Au Pair program really is the best option to visit this huge country having more time than a normal tourist, and facing fewer costs. 



As the Au Pair program is not recognized officially as an exchange program by the government, Host Families need to employ the Au Pairs regularly. This means that tax will be withheld from the Au Pair’s pay and they’ll be obligated to lodge a tax return each year.

The recommended hourly wage is 7 AUD. It means that Au Pairs will receive a minimum of 245 AUD for 35 hours per week, or 1100 AUD per month.

Working hours

The Au Pair needs to discuss and agree on the exact number of working hours with the Host Family before signing the contract.

The number of working hours may vary between 10 and 40 hours per week; nonetheless, usually, it’s roughly 25 – 35 hours. Babysitting hours are included in this time. If not, they will have to be paid as overtime.

Time off and holidays

As for the working hours, both parties should discuss the time off and holidays before signing the contract. 

We recommend at least one day off each week, and at least one Sunday each month. The Au Pair should also have two weeks of paid holidays for six months of work. 

Costs for the Au Pair

Language course

Au Pairs should enroll in an English language course while being in Australia. The applicant should cover the language course cost. It’s also possible to discuss this with the family.

Travel costs

Au Pairs are in charge of their travel costs but can ask the Host Family if they would like to support them with the flight ticket to their house. They will also need to pay for the visa. Please, note that in order to obtain a visa Au Pairs will need to prove that they have enough savings and can cover the travel expenses to go there and return to the home country.