Duties of an Au Pair in Australia

What should the family expect their Au Pair to do? Check the following information.

Your responsibilities and duties depend on your host family’s needs. The main task of an Au Pair will be looking after the children. However, you may be asked to do some minor householding and babysitting.


What can an Au Pair do?

    1. General child care – play, entertain, help with homework, etc.
    2. Help the children to get dressed
    3. Take children to/pick them up from school/kindergarten or any other activities
    4. Keep both the Au Pair’s and children’s room tidy
    5. Prepare light meals for the children
    6. Help with minor housework (ironing, vacuuming, laundry)
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What should an Au Pair NOT do?

    1. Look after someone else’s children
    2. Cook meals for the whole family
    3. Clean non-shared rooms
    4. Look after pets
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Once you arrived in Australia, you should schedule your daily and weekly duties together with your host family. Make sure your family respects your time off and conclude a contract in order to establish a formal agreement with them. In the following you will find all the important information about the Au Pair contract.