Requirements to become an Au Pair in Australia


Au Pair check

Are you entiteld to become an Au Pair in Australia? Please check the following information in order to get to know the personal and formal requirements. You have to fulfill them in order to enjoy your Au Pair stay.

1. Personal requirements

    1. Are you between 18 and 30 years old?
    2. Do you have a good command of English?
    3. Do you like hanging out with children?
    4. Are you fluent in spoken English?
    5. Do you have at least an intermediate school certificate?
    6. Are you entitled to a visa?
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If you can answer all questions with yes, then you fulfill all personal requirements to become an Au Pair in Australia!


Now, have a look on the formal requirements. You will need a visa in order to become an Au Pair in Australia.

2. Formal requirements

    1. Your passport: your passport must be valid when you start your application and it should hold valid for as long as you stay abroad.
    2. Invitation letter: Your future host family has to write an invitation letter for you to become their Au Pair. You will need to bring the invitation letter to the embassy in your home country together with the rest of the documents.
    3. Signed Au Pair contract: ask the host family to sign the contract and send it to you. You will need to sign it as well (make sure you have 2 signed copies) and send it to the embassy for your visa to be issued.
    4. Apply for a visa: the Australian embassy in your country will decide if you fulfill all the requirements to get a visa for the host country.
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