Requirements for Host Families in Australia

Requirements for Host Families

Discover which are the requirements that Host Families in Australia need to fulfill to take part in the Au Pair program

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  • Make sure you fulfill the requirements to become a Host Family in Australia before you start looking for an Au Pair.
    Please do not transfer money to the Au Pair before its arrival!
    If you want to pay a share of the travel costs, arrange an installment payment with the Au Pair, starting after the Au Pair’s arrival. Be sure to specify all details about the travel payment in the Au Pair contract as well. 

    Requirements for Host Families in Australia:

    1. you have to be an Australien citizen or a legal permanent resident
    2. you speak english fluently
    3. You have at least one under-age child
    4. you are fluent in spoken English
    5. the Au Pair is not allowed to work more than 35 hours per week
    6. you can provide the Au Pair a private room
    7. you will be paying the Au Pair between 150 and 230 AUS $ a week
    8. the Au Pair will have the right to enroll in a language school to fulfill the educational component requirement e.g. language course
    9. provide a minimum of two weeks paid vacation for each 6 month exchange term
    10. try to include the Au Pair into all family activities
    11. you have to provide automobile coverage for the Au Pair
    12. have one or both parents remain home during the first couple of days after the Au Pair’s arrival to get used to the duties
    13. sign a contract which outlines for example all child care responsibilites, the time off, vacation, pocket money