Au Pair application photos

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What should an Au Pair application photo look like?

The pictures you choose to upload on your profile are extremely important. They should underline your personality and evoke a positive impression on your future Host Parents. In your pictures, you should stress out that you are a caring and trustworthy person.

Is there anything cuter than pictures with kids? Photos that show you with children, your daily life and your hobbies are always a safe option.

Duck-faces, selfies, and pictures in saucy clothes are an absolute No-Go. Furthermore, host families dislike pictures of excessive party life.

Don’t use your CV’s photo, as it will probably be too serious! While creating an Au Pair profile, you’re not looking for a full-time job, but for a nice experience abroad.

Be sure that your application picture reflects who you really are. It will be the very first impression your future Host Family will have of you. Choose a spontaneous picture where you’re smiling or doing something you enjoy!

Finally, it may be obvious, but don’t upload photos from Google or social media that don’t belong to you. This is both illegal and might create a suspicious impression. The main goal of the picture is to share a part of your personality.

If you try to keep these tips in mind, you will surely find the perfect host family!