Au Pair contract

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  • Before the beginning of your stay as an Au Pair, you should conclude a contract with your Host Family. This agreement is regulated in most of the countries and controls the rights and responsibilities of both the Au Pair and the Host Family.

    What should you write down in the contract? Here you can check the most important issues to pay attention to when concluding an Au Pair contract. It should be as detailed as possible and should include:

    • Number of working hours
    • Accomodation and meals
    • Who will be covering the travel costs
    • The pocket money you will receive
    • Number of free days per week
    • Number of holidays you are entitled to
    • Detailed scope of responsibility (duties)
    • Detailed scope of responsibility of the Host Family

    You can check and download our Au Pair contract. It contains all the important details to include. It only needs to be edited by the Host Family and the Au Pair.

    The Au Pair and the Host Family will need to discuss the points above before the Au Pair arrives in Australia. The best way is to arrange several video calls to talk about your needs and expectations and find a common agreement.

    Termination of the contract

    There are no official rules about the termination of the Au Pair contract, but it is strongly recommend to give both the Au Pair and the Host Family at least 2 weeks of notice. It is important that during these 2 weeks, both sides will cooperate to find the best solution. The Au Pair will need to find a Host Family, the Host Family will need another childcare solution for their kids.

    If at the end of the two weeks the Au Pair has not found a new Host Family, he/she must return to his/her country of residence.